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Build a Tropical Backdrop with Savannah Brown

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Suffer from a case of awkward holiday photo each year? We’ve got your home remedy right here. Visual artist behind the @Followingsunshine_ page, Savannah Brown, has broken down the simple steps to creating a show-stopping backdrop for your holiday photos. First move: bringing in a taste of the tropics! Because even though your suitcase is collecting dust, your pics don’t need to be tired. Keep it fresh with these easy steps: 


Lights, Camera, Leaves! 
Tape a mix of faux monstera and palm leaves to a blank wall or paper backdrop at an angle.


Take a Seat in the Spotlight
Bring in a chair to help you strike a pose. Bonus points for a beachy look. 


Time to Accessorize 
Add tropical touches like presents wrapped in green and a paper umbrella 


The Camera Loves you, Darling 
Take your pic and share them on social @RumHaven  

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