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| 05.01.20

How To Make Any Day a Vacay

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We could all use a little vacay from the day-to-day. Forget waiting for big travel plans to enjoy a summer escape—we've got everything you need to create your own at home! Just get out the tiny umbrellas, enjoy a RumHaven cocktail and follow our steps below for a blissful break.

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Step One: Take our Quiz

If social distancing has you going the distance to find a new hobby, you’re not alone. Take our quiz to discover your favorite way to escape, from herb growing to workout crushing.

Take Quiz!

Step Two: Enter for your Prize Pack 

Each pack is designed with your escape in mind, so select your little box of bliss and enter for a chance to win.

Step Three: Craft your cocktail  

Discover the cocktail based on your personality and sip into paradise while you *fingers crossed* wait for your prize pack to arrive.

Step Four: Repeat!

Me-time shouldn’t be a one and done! Come back daily for more chances to win.