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Plan a Stylish Fall Soirée

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From happy hours to dinner parties, there are so many ways to celebrate this month! @FashionableHostess is here to help you kick off your fall fun with the perfect soirée setup. Sip into the festivities in style with these havenly celebration hacks.


Set the scene with seasonal decor

Remember, simplicity is the key to creating a stunning setting! Start with a neutral color palette, and accessorize with mini pumpkins and dried floral bouquets to create an elegant fall look.

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Add a taste of fall to the menu

Want to make a statement this season? Put a tropical twist on a classic cocktail with the Havenly Cider! Don’t forget to pair it with a delicious charcuterie spread complete with cheeses like Manchego and white cheddar.

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Havenly Cider

2 oz. RumHaven
½ oz. Lemon Juice
Apple Cider
Apple and Thyme (for garnish)

Add ingredients into an ice-filled shaker, and stir to combine and chill. Pour through strainer into glass, and garnish with apple and thyme.


Delight in the details

Don’t shy away from having fun with the finishing touches! Whether that’s picking out an extra festive glassware set or even dabbling in DIY, prepping your space for the occasion can be a celebration within itself!


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