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Move over, summer romance: there’s a new kind of love taking over the tropics! Cheers to friendship with Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall. The former Bachelor in Paradise™ contestants turned forever besties know how to make a splash on and off the screen. See how they’re shaking up their fun together, and get inspired with fresh activities and recipes.

Host a Golden Hour Happy Hour

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The sweetest summer celebrations start with sipping into the sunset! Besides, who doesn’t love a patio night? Make a date with the group chat and head outside for a laid-back evening filled with delicious appetizers and Bachelor in Paradise™ cocktails.

Pair with: Sunset Prosecco Colada

aaronjamesrumhaven15 1

1 oz. RumHaven
1 oz. Coconut Cream
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
3-4 oz. La Marca Prosecco
1-2 oz. Strawberry Puree (reserve for glass)
Pineapple (for garnish)

Add ingredients (except La Marca Prosecco and strawberry puree) into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake to combine and chill; then, uncap shaker, and add La Marca Prosecco. Before serving, coat bottom of wine glass with strawberry puree, and add ice. Strain cocktail into glass, and garnish with pineapple.

Shake Up Charcuterie Night

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Invite your besties over for a platter-prepping party, and put a tropical twist on Aaron and James’ go-to summer snack! Turn classic charcuterie boards into gorgeous “charfruiterie” arrangements that display your favorite Bachelor in Paradise™ cocktail garnishes and more.

Pair with: The Final Rosé

aaronjamesrumhaven5 1

3 oz. Sparkling Rosé
2 oz. RumHaven
1 oz. Club Soda
Strawberry Rose (for garnish)

Add ingredients into a coupe or flute glass, and stir to combine. Garnish with a strawberry rose.

Go on a Staycay Getaway

aaronjamesrumhaven19 1

Paradise can be found anywhere—even in your own backyard! Live on the coast like Aaron and James? Pack your beach bags (don’t forget RumHaven!), and spend an unforgettable weekend in the sun with your BFFs. Summer heat got you beat? Cool off at the spa with your squad, and sip into a relaxation staycation. The opportunities are endless!

Pair with: Date Card Daiquiri

daiquiri 1

2 oz. RumHaven
1½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
Lime (for garnish)

Add ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake to combine and chill. Strain cocktail into a coupe glass, and garnish with lime.

Prep the Picnic from Paradise


Grab the Aaron to your James (or James to your Aaron), and recreate this dreamy Bachelor in Paradise™ spread! Find an open, breezy area with plenty of shade, and set the scene with your favorite snacks, bright florals and, of course, RumHaven. Be sure to take tons of pics, and tag us with #SummerofParadise for the chance to be featured!

Pair with: Match Made in Paradise

aaronjamesrumhaven21 1

2 oz. RumHaven
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit or Pineapple (for garnish)

Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, and stir to combine and chill. Garnish with grapefruit or pineapple.